Child Abuse incident indicates psychological ailment of Pakistani society!

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Basheer Ijbani

ijbariFirstly, the value of child is broached hereby. A child is the most precious gift by God, “children are a heritage of the lord”. The child is a precious object, a sponge ready to soak up life and all its experiences. Many parents believe that a child into this world as a “tabula rasa”, a blank slate. They think it is their task to mold the child in order to make him or her into a decent human being. If wasn’t for them controlling child’s behavior, like, dislike, appetite and sleeping pattern so they fear, the kid would turn into an anti-social, sleep-deprived, and under-nourished beast.

The recent victim of child abuse in town of Kasur in the province of Punjab is too much child-abusecondemnable. Such type of child abuse cases for very long time have been taking place in province of Punjab but there isn’t any…

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Main hospital of Balochistan the Sandman-Hospital dilapidates

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbani

IMG_0604Civil Hospital is known as a Sandman hospital is situated in the Quetta capital of Balochistan which is main hospital in the province. The viceroy of British government in this region Sir Robert Sandman erected this hospital during the occupation of Britain on subcontinent. Sir Robert Sandman was colonial British Indian officer and administrator, was sun of General Robert Turnbull Sandman.

In 1866, Sir Sandman was appointed officer of Dera Ghazi Khan and there first showed his capacity in dealing with Baloch tribes. He was very eminent leader and his entire life spent for the serving of human. He always interested for development and improvement at that time he brought such these historical works and built Hospital and schools. He died in 1892. After his death our authorities got failed to maintain the management of hospitals to bring improvement and new technologies, the masses of province…

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Baloch Blood Bank arranges seminar on Thalassemia day

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbani

ijbariThalassemia is a Greek word, Thal means land and Semia stands for sea. It exists historically in warm area of the world, and there are three main types of thalassemia; minor, intermediate and major. Beta thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that is caused by defective hemoglobin genes. It is a genetic disease which transfers from parents to newborn babies. It causes efficiency of quantity of red-cells and reduces this too. It causes essential to supply blood to patients, it is one of the dangerous diseases throughout the world. The first thalassemia case was reported in Europe and described by Doctor Thomas Colony in 1925. We can say it that, from birth to death this disease affects all aspects of life, mostly patients needed supply of blood two or four weeks in a month regularly or as requirements of affected patients.

As usual this year, on…

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How polio persists, even giving the drops…?

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbani

ijbariIn the nexus of ‘Polio invincible in Pakistan’ Bolan Voice, January 2015, edition.
From the beginning of New Year 2015, the polio cases also initiated reporting in the country of Pakistan. In spite of campaigning about polio eradication, no diminution in cases has been observed. In the nexus, authorities of Health Department; on the provincial and national levels claim for eradication of Polio virus to a great extent but on ground these statements do not seem true. The vaccines used by the polio teams also do not seem effective because in Quetta a case is reported when that child was given drops approximately six times. And this case left reasons of skeptical about ineffectiveness of vaccines used by health authorities in polio eradication campaigns.

The United Nation through its commissions, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United National Children Fund (UNICEF) surveyed in Pakistan and…

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The invincible Polio in Pakistan

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Basheer Ijbani

ijbariPolio, due to appalling effects is considered perilous, globally. It drastically distressed entire World and a portion of people are traumatized on this glob due to witnessing its ugly ramifications which paralyzed millions of peoples for the lifetime. In the consideration of Polio disease devastating outcomes and seeing its citizens crippled the states launched eradication campaigns and succeeded into polio free countries. Presently, the Polio virus is existing in three countries; Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Except the mentioned countries, entire world got immunized from Polio. The scientists, especially medical science have credit for defeating this appalling disease and providing a healthy life to the globe dwellers.

The reasons behind the polio virus persistence in the above mentioned countries is to be pondered, so poliovarious aspects expose. Very first the unawareness, secondly people refuse to drop polio to their children, and thirdly the polio immunization campaigns are limited…

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Extra-judicial arrest of BMC’s students

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Basheer Ijbani

ijbariThe province of Balochistan has single Medical College; the Bolan Medical College [BMC]. This sole college has turned into the den of
problems due to lack of introspection in administrative staff. They are unable to work out at institute BMC and get it developed and innovated. If we look at exam and admission processes, then it shows quite troublesome. No doubt, quandaries are created by head of institute the principle, who unreasonably is disturbing the students and driving them to unrest, like strike and protest. The authority of BMC deliberately is stimulating the students for the provocation. The students expressed this way about their college BMC’s staff.

Recently a protest was conducted by students on 5th January, 2015, and it continued till 10th. The students were protesting against unreasoned revise in schedule of exam, the mean of protest was to denounce the misbehavior of principle, too.


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Malnutrition; a threat to Balochistan

Monthly Bolan Voice

By Shamsher Jamaldini, Nushki

Apparently malnutrition is a global threat. There are 842 million malnourished people in world today. That means one eight people do imagesnot lead a healthy and productive life.

Specially, it is heartbreaking to see that the province of Balochistan is facing the risk of malnutrition as evidence of mortality rate among children and women belonging to socially marginalized groups in the province have acquired ominous proportions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared emergency in Balochistan in view of the indicators of global acute malnutrition. Ten out of total 20 high food insecure districts of the country are in the province.

Against the threshold level of 15 percent classified by the WHO, as many as 16 percent of children in Balochistan are acute malnourished 52.2 percent up to five year age started and 39.6 percent underweight. Besides, five million children, about 70 percent women in…

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